Your Love List Online Workshop

You know what's missing.

You want a relationship that fulfills your desires & feels loving, safe, & exciting

You want to share your life with someone who loves, adores, & cares for you

You want to feel loved, respected, and connected instead of feeling mistreated, unappreciated, & wronged


So why haven't you found it?


It’s okay.

You hear that little voice inside of you, shutting your dreams & desires down, telling you how that kind of love is for others

You believe that love won't quite find you in the way that you really desire

You may even believe that you don't deserve to feel that kind of love

Mistakes of past relationships feel just too painful for you to invite in a new relationship

You feel like you should settle for less-than-perfect


You can change your experience.

You deserve to feel the love you've dreamed about! 

Don't allow you to limit the love you seek and accept!


Your Love List Online Workshops teach 3 key energy shifts essential to manifesting love.

Wednesday, January 25

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm Eastern

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Why can I help?

I know the strategies that will help you find the love of your dreams. The love you deserve. I've helped many women find their ideal love using these strategies, and I even used those strategies to turn my own love life around.

In 2008, after writing my love list, I began a process of shifting my own beliefs about relationships in 3 key ways, and I found my husband, my soul mate, my love. In Your Love List Online Workshop, you will learn how to make these 3 energetic shifts:

declare your worth
change your perspective
name your ideal

In these LIVE 2-hour online workshops, you explore beliefs about your own worthiness, learn how to view your past differently, and get crystal clear about what you DO want in your next, best relationship.


You don't have to repeat relationship patterns.

At the end of my 22-year marriage, I jumped into a series of relationships and, in each one, I settled for less than what I truly desired. I was looping in relationship patterns, fueled by stuck energy.  When you work with me, you experience the 3 key energetic shifts essential to manifesting the love of your life.

In my Online Workshop, I'll teach you how to feel worthy of your ideal love, to get rid of past relationship negative energy still blocking you from your ideal, and call in your ideal by getting crystal clear on what you deserve in a relationship.


Are you ready?

  • Are you ready to claim your true worth, stepping into your fullness ?
  • Are you ready to love what you've learned, releasing negative energy about the past?
  • Are you ready to call in how you want to feel in a new relationship?
  • Are you ready to finally have a relationship with someone who is truly worthy of your love?


Your Love List Online Workshops begin soon.

Space is limited!

Save your spot before the workshop fills completely!



Wednesday, January 25

8:00 pm-10:00 pm Eastern

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Manifest Your Dream Relationship

I offer a tangible transformation to women who are ready to claim what they truly desire in their next relationship. 
In my online workshops, you'll experience the 3 shifts that took me from a divorced 40-something, struggling through a series of unfulfilling relationships, to marrying the man of my dreams. I've helped many other women use these same shifts to change how they look for love, allowing them to find the relationships that they've always desired, deep down.
You'll leave the workshop with a completed exercises that support you in these 3 shifts. You'll have a plan that you can follow to find that ideal love you've always dreamed of. You'll get clarity about who you should be seeking and how to ask for and get what you want out of a relationship.
Being single in my 40's was a pivotal time in my own personal growth and inner work. My own love list, entitled"Hear Me Universe," was a declaration of how I wanted to feel in the relationship of my dreams. I wrote my list and did not say YES until I attracted the man who made me feel the way I desired.

If it's time for you to move forward toward sharing your life with your ideal match, join me for one of these upcoming Online Workshops.

Wednesday, January 25

8:00 pm-10:00 pm Eastern

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