Last night’s dream shook me up, at first. In it, I was back in an earlier time in life, My Time of Great Confusion. I was back in the context of past relationships and, in my dream, the relationships were both overlapping and overwhelming. Both wanted something from me right then, and I wanted to give neither what was being asked.

So I found myself unsettled—literally, figuring out where to unpack my things—and fearful of not doing the thing I was being asked to do. The Me in my dream feared I’d never be able to make everyone happy and that feeling of confusion came through clearly, when a friend appeared and asked me what the hell I was doing. And she appeared in a closet, a closed-door room where I was feeling frantic.

Yesterday, I’d written a blog about how I’ve invested so much energy in an old story: if I’m more like you and less like me then you’ll love me more. It’s a story that has left my body now, though I can see some threads of it that want to stay, which is one thing my dream was showing me.

Then, I was awakened, literally, by my loving husband, asking if I wanted to join him for breakfast at a cool vegan place he’d found here in Denver, where we’re living this month. It was a perfect ending to this dream, as I heard the asleep me want to say, “yes, babe, I’ll hop out of bed right now and join you.”

But then I truly woke up and with a flood of energy, I thanked him for his kind invitation but expressed that I wanted to stay in, meditate, and go to a yoga class.

I claimed exactly what I wanted. My husband smiled and said, “enjoy, sweetheart.”

Later in the day, I told Craig about the dream I was having when he woke me up, and he saw something that I didn’t yet see. Craig’s arrival in my life, after My Time of Great Confusion, was in the midst of my spiritual awakening, and he literally awakened me from this old dream this morning.

I sit in gratitude at this moment. I’m grateful for all the inner work I’ve done to move me from My Time of Great Confusion to My Time of Amazing Clarity. I’m grateful to be in partnership with another Awakened soul, who is willing to help me see what I’ve missed when I’ve fallen asleep.