In Hear Me Universe: Attract Your Soulmate by Declaring Your Heart's Desires, Anella Wetter shares her own personal experience, in this Amazon best seller to show women that in order to find the relationship that aligns with your heart’s desires, you have to be truly clear about the qualities of your ideal. 

Hear Me Universe! models how to get that clarity.

Based on the Law of Attraction, which is the concept that we bring into our lives whatever we are focusing on, Hear Me Universe! demonstrates how all thoughts turn into things, eventually, and how the untapped abilities of the mind can be accessed to shift our beliefs about our own worthiness to attract the relationship that we sincerely desire.

Hear Me Universe! is your guide to finding the love you seek by first acknowledging your own unique qualities, which means dropping self-judgment; by releasing the negative stories about past loves, which are cluttering your energy; and by sending out a declaration to the universe that you still want the relationship of which you’ve always dreamed

REVIEWS for Hear Me Universe!

This warmly written, easy read is packed with power. The author describes her experience using Law of Attraction principles to bring in "the one" and shares her list of 100 must-have qualities she was looking for in a mate. The list is thoughtful and illuminating, with insightful elaboration and useful prompts designed to get you thinking about what you might put on YOUR list. Highly recommended! 

Maggie McReynolds, Writer and Life Coach

As a coach and mentor to many women, I would recommend this book as a journey of self love and self worth. The book is an enjoyable, easy read yet thought provoking into asking ourselves the deeper question around what we really desire. I think Anella's process is simple yet profound and I especially love her journal prompts!

Regina Garrepy, Mentor and Essence Leadership Coach

Anella's story is the perfect tool to blend the chapters of your own love life with an organized thought process of release, healing and acknowledgement for the successes of your love life to date. The process of the read helps you crystalize what steps you can take to allow in- and receive the best love relationship of your life! Because everyone has bits and pieces of unresolved issues around their love life, to become acutely aware of what works and what doesn't and then heal the things that stop you from attracting the love of your life... well that is priceless. Highly recommend the book for, yes, I'm going to say it.. Everyone!

Peggy Sprague, Author, The Truth Hunters