Breathe in Your Truth: How the Voice I Heard on a Yoga Mat Changed Me

by Anella Wetter

Published in Elephant Journal, March 2018

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4 Ways to Activate a Key Human Superpower

by Anella Wetter

Published in Elephant Journal, June 2017


Blissed the Podcast

with Patch Drury

Episode 7 features writer, Anella Wetter. Anella transitioned from the corporate world, to the coaching world, to the writing world - all in pursuit of her bliss. Anella helps us take a harder look at the monomyth by teaching us about the 7 chakras and the cleansing that sometimes needs to happen with them before we're ready to move on towards our bliss.

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Ready, Set, Grit: Your Life on Purpose

with Elin Barton

Is there such a thing as finding your Prince (or Princess) Charming? Anella Wetter says yes, absolutely! In this podcast and in her book, Hear Me Universe, Anella describes how, after her divorce, she first described her perfect partner, then watched in near disbelief as he showed up in her life – the perfect guy at the perfect time. If there is something that you’d like to invite into your life – love, abundance or something else – you’ll enjoy this enlightening interview with Anella.


Sensitive Soulful Women Summit


An Interview with Dana Canneto

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Heart Dancing Radio

Ever heard the saying that “Life is your classroom?” Since that is true, it’s also true that relationships are your teacher. How you relate to others and more importantly, how you relate to yourself, determines the quality and depth of your experiences. Learning to show up authentically in your relationships is what Anella Wetter teaches during this episode of Heart Dancing Radio.

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American Outloud with DrStem Mahlatini

Some have said finding a lasting relationship can be difficult, especially if you have an idea of the perfect partner in mind. Being single in her 40’s was a pivotal time for Anella Wetter. Her own personal growth and inner work and her own personal love list, entitled, “Hear Me Universe,” was a declaration of how she wanted to feel in the relationship of her dreams. She wrote her list and did not say YES until she attracted the man who made her feel the way she desired.

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Women’s Empowerment Summit

Master Your Inner Critic, Discover Your Potential and Take Charge of Your Life!

Are you ready to embrace your one audacious life? Discover how to stop letting the self-critic run the show and start saying yes to your beautiful life!  27 incredible experts, including Anella Wetter, are ready to provide you the tools you need to start taking charge or your life!

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