I offer information from the Akashic Field of Energy

Sanskrit for sky, ethers, or energy, Akasha refers to a field of information about everything and everyone—past, present, and future. The Akashic field and an individual soul vibrates at the same frequency, because consciousness has memory of all time, back to its source: Divine consciousness.

What happens in a reading?

At the time of our appointment, you'll call my phone conference line, and I will connect with your energetic field of records. You may ask a direct question or ask for information about a general topic, like career or relationships. I share the information I receive with you as it's coming to me, offering messages from the field. 

Your field of energy has information about the potentials and probabilities we draw toward, along with our past energies that have brought us to the present moment. Any exploration of them cannot help but provide us with insights into the nature of ourselves and our relationship to the universe.

By accessing information from the Akashic Records--think of it as a universal computer server--much is revealed to us.

Each reading is 45 minutes and recorded for your playback.