Hear Me Universe! A Manifesting Love Master Class!

Announcing the ...

Manifesting Love Master Class!

Anella will teach you the process she used to manifest love!

  • 5 Recorded Lessons
  • Exercises and Resources
  • Other like-minded seekers!

I'm super excited to teach you what I've learned!

In this self-paced Master Class, you will

  • Learn how to feel worthy of your ideal
  • Learn how to get rid of the negative energy that blocks you from your ideal
  • Learn how to get crystal clear on what you deserve in a relationship

I offer a tangible transformation to women who are ready to claim what they truly desire in their next relationship. If it's time for you to move forward toward sharing your life with your ideal match, purchase now!

Learn the process directly from Anella that took her years to learn!

5 Lessons in the Manifesting Love Master Class

Lesson 1: Energy Shifts 

What is human energy? What is an energy shift? Learn how to use your emotions as indicator of your energetic frequency. Learn how to be conscious of your thoughts by using the Emotional Check-in Guide provided. 

Lesson 2: Declare Your Worth 

What can you shift in you to create the relationship experience you most desire? Uncover the events in your life that have created limiting beliefs. Become reacquainted with the you who has a lot of offer in a relationship. 

Lesson 3: Change Your Perspective 

Will you let go of the pain of the story? You’ll practice telling the story of past relationships through the lens of gratitude, which is critical for clearing negative energy that may be blocking you from accessing a positive, fulfilling, uplifting relationship. 

Lesson 4: Name Your Ideal 

What does your ideal partner look like? You’ll learn about your human superpower and how to use it to amp up your desire, to visualize what’s possible, and to describe the characteristics of your ideal partner. Put yourself in the feeling of being in a relationship that matches your heart’s desire. 

Lesson 5: Take Action 

What will you claim on your love list? You’ll learn how to write your own love list. You’ll receive helpful tools, including a Love List Template and the Your Love List iOS App that you can download for making your love list. This lesson is all about the action you can take to name it and claim it!

These free resources are also included!

  • Emotional Check-in Guide 
  • Online Dating Best Practices 
  • Self-love 101 
  • Guided Visualization 
  • Love List Template 
  • Your Love List iOS Mobile App 

Sign up for this Master Class and start Manifesting Love now!