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I'm here to share my story so that it can be a teacher.

Professional Bio

Anella Wetter received her B.A. in English from the University of Kentucky and her M. Ed., from Georgetown College. In addition, she is a Certified Trainer™ in Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams with Mike Dooley; has worked with Development Dimensions International (DDI), including courses in Improving Poor Performance, Advanced Coaching, and Communicating for Success; trained with the Hakomi Institute in Somatic Body Therapy; received certification as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT®) from The OM Place; and is an Akashic Record reader, having trained with Sandra Anne Taylor. Anella is a writer, speaker, intuitive coach and yoga teacher. She has helped hundreds of women from around the world to declare that they are worthy of the life of their dreams, to embrace all the lessons learned in the past, and to claim what their hearts' deeply desire.

My promise to THE WOMEN IN MY LIFE

I will always see your greatest potential, support what makes you whole and fulfilled, and ask for the best from me and from you. If you are ready to step fully into your life, I commit helping you to heal and create your personal story of happiness and fulfillment. 

When we let go of the pain of the story, we can step into the gifts.

One of first times I listened to my inner voice and acted with great clarity was on a yoga mat and the message was, “you know your truth; live it.” This message became my inner compass. With this new connection to me, I began to be able to look at my life and was better able discern what was helpful and what was destructive.

You see, after my 22-year marriage ended in divorce in 2005, I felt lost, unclear about who I was, uncertain about what I wanted, and doubtful that a fulfilling, new relationship was even possible for me.

In those years after my divorce, I also began to deepen into a journey of personal growth, sparked by a new-found love for yoga and feeling the need to “counterbalance” the number of miles I was running each week, training for a marathon...which became 2 marathons. 

It was the mindfulness of yoga that allowed me to connect with me, to listen to me, and to hear my own truth. 

The relationships I was in after my divorce taught me the consequences of continuing to settle for less than—less than feeling treasured, less than feeling happy, less than feeling fulfilled.


Healing had begun: healing from disappointment, pain, heartbreak, anger, frustration—negative emotions that had long been my unwelcome guests.

Inspired by an article I read in Oprah magazine in 2008, I made a list of the 100 characteristics I desired--even deserved--in a future partner. I wrote this list of 100 descriptions as if I were writing a declaration of what I wanted. At the top of the page I wrote, HEAR ME UNIVERSE, as if I were broadcasting my deepest desires out to the cosmos with the expectation that I would be heard and my heart’s desires would be met.

Did I feel a little silly? Yes. A little naive? Yes. But I also knew that the relationships I had been in were NOT in alignment with what I wanted. So, what did I really have to lose?


MY OWN STORY FUELS My passion for helping women HEAL THEIR OWN STORIES.

The following year--and after another less-than relationship--I met a guy for coffee. In that first conversation, I knew he possessed so many characteristics from my list and within the first month we knew each other, I bravely gave him a copy of my list. After reading it, he noted casually that he'd, "scored a 98.” This man, now my husband of 7 years, is my ideal match--a giver, successful, ambitious, a thinker, adventurous, takes responsibility, passionate about what matters to him and is committed to self-improvement.

What I can see now is that I shifted my belief about what’s possible. I shifted my beliefs about my own worthiness to experience the kind of relationship I truly desired. I lessened my focus on the anger, disappointment, resentment, and bitterness about past relationships--including my 22-year marriage--and could see all of the relationships as my greatest teachers, because they informed WHAT I TRULY WANTED. I gained great clarity on my heart’s deepest desires .

My passion is to support women to transform their relationship disappointment, anger, frustration, sadness and heartache into with strength, courage, power, clarity and purpose.

I had the good fortune of success in my professional life, yet, my big "why" was always about someone else. I worked hard to attain success so that I could provide for my family. I worked hard to attain success so that I could honor the promise I made about funding my children's education. I worked hard to help everyone on my team achieve their goals. I worked for reasons outside of myself

My work in the world was someone else's creation. 

All the deep, soul-level, personal growth I'd made presented to me another challenge: would I be willing to leave my corporate career behind and create from my heart what I wanted to share with the world? Would I be able to leave my comfortable salary and benefits? Would I be brave enough to give it all up for the possibility of living in the center of my desire? 

The question really came down to this: was I willing to claim what I wanted? I had to burn down old, limiting beliefs about my responsibility to others, my old habit to play small, and I had to once again honor my inner voice that was begging me to make this big change.

It's from this experience and from my passionate desire to help women honor their inner voices that I offer my work to the world.

It's easier when you have someone to talk to!

Anella Wetter is a writer, speaker and intuitive coach who helps women to listen to their hearts.

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