Loving Presence Coaching

I am here to hold a space of Loving Presence so that you can remove your mask and reclaim yourself.

I work with women who have forgotten their own heart’s desires. For years, they have practiced a belief that what they truly desire in this life isn’t available to them. They judge themselves. They judge their past. They let others define who they are, play small, ignore their inner wisdom, and let old stories rule the day.

I help women to overcome their inner critics and tune into their inner wisdom. Through exploring of their own, beautiful spirits, they remember who they truly are: divine, important, and loved.

I'm Anella

I embody a Loving Presence, a holder of the tenderness of your heart, so that you can see yourself more clearly.


5 Fundamentals of Unmasking


No one outside of you can have an agenda for your transformation.

You have a unique path to your own unmasking into a fuller version of yourself.

You are oriented toward understanding the commonality of human experience.

You are whole, and the interconnected system of thoughts, emotions, and experiences show up in your body as a teacher.

You can reconnect to your awareness, your capacity to pay attention and make meaning about the experience of life in real time.


    I work with women who commit to themselves


3 month enrollment   ||  daily accountability  ||  weekly coaching  || monthly envisioning  ||  true transformation

$1,650 or $560 monthly

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