Unmask Your Soul's Story

A Transformational Workshop using Guided Story Imagery

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The spiritual path is one where you begin to see the many masks you have worn and find the courage to peel them off, one by one.  -Anella Wetter

About Unmask Your Soul's Story Workshop

This half-day workshop* will help you tell the truth of your own stories--experiences of this life--and connect to them as the teacher they are divinely designed to be. Through a process of Guided Story Imagery, you will discover that the inner realm of story is a profound source of spirituality, allowing your truth to regain its place of prominence in your conscious awareness. 

You will practice deciphering what is real to you, mining your stories, and receiving the wisdom that your own stories have wanted to teach you.

It takes courage to tell the truth of your own stories, even to yourself. This workshop is built upon the following principles of personal development: 

  1. No one outside of you can have an agenda for your transformation.
  2. You have a unique path to your own unmasking into a fuller version of yourself.
  3. You are oriented toward understanding the commonality of human experience.
  4. You are whole, and the interconnected system of thoughts, emotions, and experiences show up in your body as a teacher.
  5. You can reconnect to your awareness, your capacity to pay attention and make meaning about the experience of life in real time.

"You did a great job telling your story in a way that invites us into our own stories, with tenderness and compassion. The blend of professionalism and heart that you bring to your work is just beautiful.”  ~Susan, workshop participant

Workshop materials included in fee:

  • Blank Journal
  • Interpersonal Truth Statements
  • Guided Story Imagery™
  • Letters-to-Self Project
  • I AM Declaration Cards

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