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I'M ANELLA WETTER, life-long writer, speaker, spiritual teacher, and writing coach.

The spiritual path is one where we begin to see the many masks we have worn and find the courage to peel them off, one by one.

I invite you to remove your mask, while I unmask with personal stories about reclaiming myself. It all starts with listening to your inner voice of truth.

Intuition is essential if you are to remove the mask and reclaim the self.

"Intuition... is a special quality which helps you to decipher what is real without needing scientific knowledge, or any other special kind of learning.

Intuition has the advantage that either it is, or it isn’t."   

--Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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What does it mean to Remove the Mask?

Each mask is like an individual piece of armor, shielding you from what is true. In time, you lose contact with who you truly are, only able to see the person you present to the world. Thus, the spiritual path invites you to see through this paradox of secrets and claim that part of you that wants to be seen.

When you pretend to be someone you are not, you naturally trick yourself into thinking the fake you is the real you. Tapping into the true you is the first step on the spiritual journey.

When you open doors into yourself, open them all the way. Don’t just peek in. Run inside to the you that is awaiting your return. See what’s in there. Cozy up with the parts of you that you find. Listen. Honor what you hear. Reclaim the self.

“Anella's book, Hear Me Universe, is the perfect tool to blend the chapters of your own love life with an organized thought process of release, healing and acknowledgement for the successes of your love life to date. The process of the read helps you crystalize what steps you can take to allow in--and receive the best love relationship of your life! Because everyone has bits and pieces of unresolved issues around their love life, to become acutely aware of what works and what doesn't and then heal the things that stop you from attracting the love of your life... well that is priceless. Highly recommend the book for, yes, I'm going to say it…everyone!”
- Peggy Sprague, Author, The Truth Hunters





Writing helps me discover who I am. I know that when I’m willing to be transparent, my stories offer a way for others to  remove their own masks.

My first book, Hear Me Universe: Attract Your Soulmate by Declaring Your Heart’s Desires, is an Amazon best seller. I wrote the book as a guide to finding the love you seek by first acknowledging your own unique qualities. What does that mean? It means dropping self-judgment, releasing the negative stories about past loves, which are cluttering your energy, and sending out a declaration to the universe that you still are worthy of deep, abiding love.

I also write articles for publication. I’m proud that two articles were posted on the popular website Elephant Journal. Most of my work can be found on my Blog. Here’s a glimpse into a few of my favorite stories:

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Speaking lights me up. For three decades , I have spoken in classrooms, conference rooms, boardrooms, training centers. I present at leading events including Possibilities in Paradise and Sensitive Soulful Women Summit. My most-requested topics are:

  • Unmask Your Soul's Story

  • What’s True for You? How You Can KNOW Your Truth.

  • Breathe. Listen. Receive. Act.

  • What If There Are No Mistakes?

A sampling of the conferences where I have spoken:

  • Possibilities in Paradise Conference - Key West, FL - February & July 2015 and July 2016

  • Visibility and Possibility - London, England - May 2016

  • LOVE, A Transformational Experience - San Diego, CA - November 2016 and May & November 2017

Listen to my speaking on Podcasts, Summits, and Interviews!

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Words--whether written or spoken--are my passion. As a child, I made my friends play “school” when they came to my house. In college, I was an English major, which led to becoming high school English teacher. When my own children were learning language, I encouraged them to use their words when they felt frustrated or angry or sad. In my corporate career at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, we created materials that helped children learn how to read and write in schools across the country.

The words that come from within are like gold--natural, pure, and precious.

For three decades, I have educated in classrooms, conference rooms, board rooms and training centers, and now I write and speak my own stories. I’m living proof that our life’s stories are our greatest teachers, if we are willing to listen within for truth.