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No matter how out of reach your dreams feel, you can manifest them.

You don’t have to continue to go it alone, to settle for just okay, to work until you’re exhausted, or to conform to everyone else’s expectations of you.

You don't have to settle for less than your ideal.

No one else on this planet is like you, and you came here to be YOU.

You have a unique path, and it’s calling to you to follow it.

To thrive in life, old ways of thinking and being have to change.

But, it's hard to change these limiting beliefs by yourself. In fact, you may have tried to change, but that change didn't stick.

It's okay; you just need outside help, in order to mine what's inside you, so that you shed old patterns that hold you back.

You need a mentor, a guide, a teacher, a coach.

Someone who has been through it all.

Someone who knows how to lead you on the path toward creating the life that, deep down, you truly desire.



Speaker, writer, teacher, empowerment coach, and believer in the magic of life.

It's my passion to empower women to claim what they truly desire in this life!

Meaningful Work

You want to make an impact on your terms. You want to do meaningful work in the world that aligns with what you value. You want to be rewarded for your contributions. You want to be seen for who you are.

An Ideal Relationship

You want a relationship that's unlike what you've experienced before. You want to undo the old patterns of how you've shown up in relationship. You can learn to ask the universe for what you really want and manifest a new kind of love--soulful, aligned, expansive.






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Career. Relationships. Life.




Until I got really clear on what I wanted, I was living life with the hope that--someday--I'd be happy. Hope simply wasn't enough.

When I began to own the fact that I'm the author of my life's story, I began to step into my power. The transformation included leaving a corporate career that was keeping me from offering my most meaningful work to the world. What I now know: I would have left years earlier if I'd realized how exhilarating it is to help other women write their own empowered story.


Some of the best things that happen in our lives come as a result of some of the worst things that happen to us.

 My relationship story includes a 22-year marriage that ended in divorce. When I began to pick up the pieces of a life I didn't understand, I had to redefine me. My post-divorce 40s left me questioning everything about how I showed up in relationships, and when I chose to deeply understand my own, beautiful spirit, I attracted my ideal relationship.

I'm living proof that thriving despite divorce and manifesting new love is possible.

I share my story as a way of helping you write yours.

I am no smarter nor braver nor more capable than you.  If I was able to do it, you can, too!

I am here to help you transform your life.  Now.  Start making a life worth living.

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Anella's New Book


In Hear Me Universe: How to Declare Your Heart's Desires and Attract the Relationship of Your Dreams, Anella Wetter shares her own personal experience in this Amazon best seller to show women that in order to find the relationship that aligns with your heart’s desires, you have to be truly clear about the qualities of your ideal. 

Hear Me Universe models how to get that clarity.

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