When was the last time you let go?

Gave way to child-like laughter?

Did exactly what felt great in the moment?

Created ease, instantly?
I’ve just returned from a beautiful, soulful retreat during which I called up my “magical child.” Created by entrepreneur Regena Garrepy and designed for women who desire connection and introspection and friendship, I sit grateful for the experience. Five days, beautiful surroundings, forty women, sun, fun, wisdom, creativity, and thoughtful contemplation of how I choose to show up in this life.
I let go of the reigns and lived with great ease.
Now as I reenter the everyday world, I feel a little trepidation about how I’ll keep connected to the ease and lightness and freedom that I felt while I retreated in paradise. As I log into email that's been ignored for days, I can feel me holding back on the reigns of playfulness and losing the serenity I’d experienced.
I begin to feel I must lock away the memory and get back to “real life,” and experience the rejuvenating lightheartedness another time in the future.
At my computer and feeling uneasy, I happen upon a short video recording. It’s of me, dancing with Evie, my 2-year old neighbor, at a local street festival this summer. Evie started dancing first and then we joined hands and...

We laughed.
We were completely in the moment.
We moved just for fun.
Our moment was brief—the video is :24 seconds. We danced to a 1979 tune by ELO and let the rest of the world fall away. I allowed myself to feel Evie’s happiness flow through me and felt carefree.
Watching this twenty-four seconds of video shifted my perspective about how easily accessible the magical child is. The magical child is ever-present and whispers possibility. Giving way to the magical child lightens the moment. Experiencing the magical childrequires no work nor planning. She--

  • lies within and can be called forth in an instant.
  • knows that following your bliss is essential.
  • flows with easy laughter. 

Can you call up your magical child and play? It only takes a few seconds.

(Click here to see Evie and me dance to "Don't Bring Me Down" from the Electric Light Orchestra's 1979 album Discovery.)