Hear Me Universe
#12. loves his children unconditionally

In my Online Workshops, I guide clients through a process of shifting their energy about past relationships—from all that was “wrong” and “bad” to all that there is to be GRATEFUL for about ALL of our relationships.

I know. It’s easier to talk about why we ended the relationship and why he’s a jerk or she’s high maintenance. We KNOW what we don’t want in a relationship. We become expert at knowing what we DON’T want by replaying the negative remembrances over and over and over.

Stop it. Yep, stop. It serves no one, especially not you. Keeping those negative energetic strings attached to past loves only keeps your energy in the past story. (If you need help with releasing this negative energy, join one of my workshops and I'll help you.)

#12 on my list came from a place of gratitude for my ex-husband, the father of our amazing children. He loves them, unconditionally. He created a sweet & playful way that he’d remind them of his unconditional love. It went something like this:

Daddy: “Do I love you because you’re smart?”
5-year old Emily: “Nooooooooooo.”
Daddy: “No, but you are smart.”

Daddy: “Do I love you because you’re a great soccer player?”
5-year old Emily: “Nooooooooooo.”
Daddy: “No, but you are a great soccer player.”

Daddy: “Do I love you because you cleaned your room?”
5-year old Emily: “Nooooooooooo.”
Daddy: “No, but thank you for cleaning your room.”

Daddy: “Then, why do I love you?”
5-year old Emily: “Because I’m EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

My heart leaped every single time I heard this exchange in our home, and I knew that I wanted to be in a relationship with someone whose heart can love others, just because.