Hear Me Universe
#5. smart

Yep. Smart. I love deep, philosophical conversations. I love to talk about topics that feel complex. When I wrote "smart," I felt that engagement in a conversation that comes from a willingness to think.

When my kids were growing up, their dad and I wanted to help them be thinkers, so we asked them to choose a topic each week that they wanted to learn about (the choice was 100% theirs), read and learn about it, and come to the dinner table on Sunday evenings and talk about the topic. They were so adorable and sincere, showing up each week to share the information they learned. It was our way of cultivating intellectual curiosity and, yes, knowledge. No, it didn't last years, but the number of Sundays we gathered for dinner to learn and talk are memories that I treasure.

"Knowledge is power." This phrase is often attributed to Francis Bacon, in his Meditationes Sacrae (1597), and has been used over and over by other great thinkers.

So, in making your list, consider what experiences you've had that you really liked and let that feeling guide your love list. You're the creator, here, so create what you want.