My desire was to attract a partner who was well-educated, but not because of any status that comes with having obtained a particular academic degree. Yet, I desired someone who had attained a level of expertise in a field of study, which indicates an ability to persevere, to accept challenges and to achieve.You see, I loved myself enough to stand firm in what I truly wanted. That’s my key advice in making a love list: do not compromise on what your heart actually desires. Debra Berndt, author of Let Love In (2010) urges people to, “be really specific and honest about what you’re looking for,” and wrote that she, ... “wasted five years of [her] life trying to be someone that guys would want to date,” leaving out the words ‘marriage’ and ‘kids’ and ‘commitment’ in her profile so that she, “wouldn’t scare men away.”When you don’t stand firmly in what you want, you DEVALUE yourself, and attract a match to that energy. Be bold and exuberant about what you desire! You send out a signal with your thoughts and your words, so send the clear message.