My love list to the universe was written at a time when I was making contentment a companion of mine. I wrote my list in 2008, three years after my 22-year marriage ended. I was 44 years old, and contentment had been slowing emerging as a dominant desire: to be present with what is and to be totally fine. And, when I was present with what is and NOT totally fine, I had learned that it was time to take action, to rebalance what had gone awry so that contentment would live within again. I cultivated contentment through solitary activities, like running long mileage and practicing yoga and reading books that took me far away. It was the first time in my life that I was just being with me and getting to like it. I took my first meditation classes, which shined a spotlight on my monkey mind and helped me love the chaos  that I was trying to quite. So, “knows contentment” made my list, as I desired a match to the state of being serene, still, and whole.What activities or practices do you use to create contentment in your life?