What if, when you did something that you immediately regretted, you pushed rewind quickly? If you could quickly undo what you said out of frustration? If you were to catch yourself in the middle of being selfish and reverse the momentum?Would it felt better for everyone?Being quick to say, “I’m sorry,” is a sign of an introspective mind, an ability to self-assess, and, really, a metacognitive marvel. We humans possess that skill—to think about our own thinking—and when we exercise it, I believe we tap into our truest wisdom and powerful.In a safe & loving relationship, it should be okay to say, “I’m sorry,” quickly, because in that act of compassion, your partner can extend compassion back, can offer understanding, can ask questions about your emotion, and can keep any defenses from rising up.Try it. Next time you KNOW you’ve acted from frustration or anger or fear or jealousy, say those two words. Watch what happens. Notice how you feel more grounded for having shown vulnerability.