You’ve read this one before, at #40. Yes, “likes music” is one of only two characteristics I included on my list—twice. Clearly, it was important to me to claim that I wanted to attract a partner who also has a deep affinity for music.The way this item made my list twice was because I wrote with the mindset that I would write down whatever came to mind—no judgment, no second guessing.  It’s important in the creative process to just allow what comes into our consciousness to be important.Writing your love list IS an act of creation, and it begins with your imagination. Nothing, ever, was created that didn’t begin in someone’s imagination. Use the creative power you have, allow yourself to be outrageous, and write from your heart. So what if you list something twice! You have 100 items to write to begin the design of what you’re calling into your experience.And, no doubt, if something ends up on your list twice, it just means you really, really want that experience.