“The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.” ~ Auguste RodinElegance. Architecture. History. Story. Museums draw me in to experience all of these.I value the collecting of culture that museums construct. No matter the time nor place, count me in for a museum visit. In museums, I’ve transported to Egyptian tombs, Greek temples, Renaissance masterpieces, futuristic cultures, and fell into the Birth of Venus. The lives that I don’t remember living are all there, on display in neatly corded galleries, preserved in timelessness.I wrote this item on my love list to connect with the heart of another with a healthy respect for art, culture, history, because it’s through these glimpses, artifacts, and curated relics that we can better understand the human experience as a way of better knowing who we are.What are the deeper qualities I wanted to attract in this simple item on my list? For sure, a respect for humanity; a belief in dreams; a surrendering of today in exchange for another era. Ah, to be in a great museum, lost in its richness. My list invited my love to, “come with me and see, and in seeing--love, hope, tremble, live.”