(Photo credit: Bryan Glover)The year before I wrote my love list, I had taken sailing lessons. Now, it’s a little different than you might be thinking, because I live in the land-locked mid-West—not exactly ideal sailing conditions. Yet, I found a sailing club that offered lessons, signed up, and after a weekend of learning, I was ready to buy a sailboat. That’s pretty typical of me: I go all in when I find something that I love doing.When I wrote my love list the next year, I wrote “sails or wants to learn,” desiring to attract a partner who would share the love of being on the water, hearing the sound of wind in the sails, and relishing the quiet of the stillness during windless calm.  I had visions about sailing down the coast and around islands, and I was excited at the thought of sharing this experience with my future love.You might remember from my first Blog article about my love list that Craig, my husband, pronounced that he’d scored a “98” on my list—his self-assessment score that made us both laugh with a knowing of how aligned we were about love and life. But my #98, “sails,” is not exactly Craig’s ideal; the way he put it, “I could sail, but I prefer boats with motors.”Craig and I do share a love of being on the water, of communing with nature at sea, and Craig has already named our future-boat: Wake-up Call. It won’t have sails, but I’ll welcome the feeling of the wind against my skin, the sun shining brightly on my face, and my husband captaining our boat.