Every time you chose to open your heart to love, you made the right decision. Every. Single. Time.

You are WHO you are because of every experience. The best way to love this moment is to love the YOU you've become. 

Until you can feel the truth of the statement, "there are no mistakes," you are living with an underlying fear about relationships. Maybe you fear that you will repeat past experiences in a future relationship. Maybe it's fear that you'll attract someone who isn't your ideal. Maybe you're afraid of being vulnerable to someone new. 

How can you move past the fear? KNOW that every relationship presents itself to you at the perfect time. There is no FUTURE mistake waiting to happen, lurking around the corner. There is only expansion. There is only possibility. 

If you believe that you've made mistakes in relationship choices, you diminish the person you are now. You can question why you were in the relationship, why you stayed so long, why you were rejected, why you fell out of love. Yet, instead of asking WHY questions, I recommend asking WHAT questions; these are the catalyst for inviting personal growth.

Ask yourself--

  • WHAT did I learn?
  • WHAT do I now know about me?
  • WHAT am I willing to do with what I've learned?

Everything you have experienced has prepared you for what's next. Let the energy you expend be creative energy toward your future!