Surround yourself with women who refuse to—

Place their agenda upon you, to make you into someone you are not; find the women who will be patiently with you as you become the fullness of who you are.

Need to impose a time line on your evolution; the women who trust in the organicity of your journey are seeking you, too.

View you as different from themselves; the women you want are the ones who see that common humanity in everyone’s life’s experiences.

Judge you; find women who see that any judgment is calling their own souls to look at what it is in them that is ready to be seen and be healed.

Feel envious of you; look for women who know that envy is an invitation to look at ways they are letting themselves down.

Surround yourself with women who will only—

See themselves in you, and love both you and them.

Hold you in their arms while you cry, grieve, scream.

Caress your head while you delve, dive, find the very bottom of the pain.

Speak what feels true to them, gently, compassionately, burningly.

Massage your feet as you move old wounds out of where they are lodged in your body.

Laugh when you are able to finally laugh.

Who are the women in your life who REFUSE TO and WILL ONLY? Write their names on your heart. Then, tell them you love them.