Today, I took a leap of faith, belief, trust--of everything--and I ended my 16-year career in sales. I am grateful for my professional experience, my success, my colleagues' support and grace, and I am READY to step forward into what's awaiting me.

hese 16 years were preceded by 14 years as a classroom English teacher and a curriculum specialist for a school district, so today marks the end of my 30 years of working for an institution or corporation. While it's true for me that some days were long and frustrating, what is also true for me is that I loved what I did to earn a living. As a teacher, I loved my students, admired my colleagues, and enjoyed teaching literature and helping kids write about what they were learning and about who they were. In my sales career, I have served teachers and their school districts to the best of my ability. As a people-manager for most of my sales career, I've been honored to lead teams of dedicated, sincere, high-energy sales people. 

You might ask then, why take a new path? 

It is simply time. I feel it deep within me. To some, that may not seem like much of a reason to resign from a career that has cared for me and my family, helped fund a college education for my 2 kids, provided a more-than-comfortable lifestyle that I truly enjoy. Yet, for me, knowing it's time is enough.

As with any new path, I believe it's fueled by what we bring forth from where we've been. There is no losing something I've had, no giving up who I am. I leap today with everything I have learned and experienced and know. It's impossible to NOT step out today having been shaped by these 30 years of my life. 

I bring all my abilities with me: collaborator, planner, strategist, coach, mentor, problem solver, implementor, evaluator, celebrator--these all exist within me and I can't help but be served by my experiences. 

Today, then, I start anew, yes, but with so much richness to lift my sails, despite the headwind I may feel at times. 

I also want to show that it is possible to start anew, whatever that might look like for you. I am proof of that. Start, first, with a vision of what you desire to bring into your life.

Two years ago, I wrote a general list of how I want my days to be, which includes:

I work with passionate learners
Energy and kindness flow from me
My days are energetic & peaceful
I bless people
Yoga is central to my day, and I share it with others
I am surrounded by great books that I read every day
My days are pleasant & the pace is exciting & perfect

Today, I have a vision, and I have experience. I'm taking action and slowing down. I'm ramping up and pacing myself. I'm feeling into a new path and using all I know to form what's next. 

For today, that's enough.