You were born knowing kindness. It's how we are all wired. 

We unlearn it. I promise. And we can learn to allow kindness to be our normal setting again.

I was witness recently to innate kindness. I turned down an isle at the grocery story to buy almond butter and in front of me was a mom pushing her cart, followed by her daughter, who was maybe five. On the other side moving toward us was a mom pushing her cart, followed by her daughter, who was also about five. 

As the small girls came within ten feet of each other, I watched a miraculous sight. Without words, they started walking toward each other, smiling joyfully, and they met in the middle of the isle. 

And they hugged.

I noticed the mom, who was directly in front of me, was another witness to this beautiful scene, and I asked, "Do they know each other?"

"Not at all," she replied, as she, too, watched with a smile.

As the little girls held their embrace, and I honored the nudge I felt and asked the mom, "Can I have a hug?" She smiled brightly, we moved into each other's personal space, and we hugged. It felt easy, natural, and really good.

In that moment, I felt seen. I felt connected to a perfect stranger. I had followed the lead of two, five-year olds, who were still embracing when the mom and I released each other.

I had reconnected with a deep truth: we show up here on planet Earth in love with each other. Expressing that love is natural. No words are needed. 

What is needed is the courage to be who we truly are: loving, open to others, trusting, and kind. When we all find that courage, we will change the world.