We celebrate the Spring Equinox in Earth’s Northern Hemisphere, where the balance of day and night equalize and begin the season of more light. The Northern Hemisphere begins to tilt toward the sun, leading to longer days here. At my home in the Midwestern United States, the official start of spring began with snow. 

This late-season snow offers me an opportunity to observe how much we talk about the weather. Last evening in my ceramics class, the incoming storm garnered a lot of conversation; this morning, my first client of the day spoke to the topic right away. We give a lot of our energy to talking about the weather--which is not good nor bad but is an opportunity to invite the lesson in how we choose to focus our thoughts, words, and energy.

Every moment offers a choice point, a conscious decision to direct our energy, and I’m curious about how we can practice directing our energy on the topic of the weather. You see, when we practice patterns of discord, we practice a vibration of what’s unwanted. When we lament about the weather, we miss a low-risk opportunity to practice being grateful for what is.

This morning, when my client asked me what I thought about the snow, she asked with excitement; she and I, alike, commented on its beauty and talked about how utterly unique each flake is. I think of Earth as one of two greatest ways that divine perfection is shown to us; I marvel at all the intricate systems that work together to keep Earth spinning at the required rate of speed, at the precise angle, at the exactness required for the tides to turn and the sun to rise and fall in our view. A key part of creating the experience we desire in this life is re-patterning our “felt-experiences,” ways that we shift from unconscious reactions to conscious choices. The more we practice high-vibration, positive conscious choices, we develop a new lens through which we view the world.

Everything we do well comes through practice. In The Mastery of Love, don Miguel Ruiz illuminates the fear-based beliefs that lead to suffering and drama in life, and he asserts that, “Practice creates the master.” Every moment, we are in the practice of creating our life. Perhaps instead of lamenting what we can’t change--like the weather--we practice holding our highest, positive vibration, so that we re-pattern ourselves to embody harmony with what is.

So, I’m just curious: how’s the weather where you are?

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