We’re funny, aren’t we? We humans, that is. I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the Midwestern, spring weather lately—“oh, where did the sunshine go?...I’m so tired of the rain...Wow, I thought it was supposed to be spring....”
Yet, that childhood saying, “April showers bring May flowers,” is a good analogy to the spring creation process that I wrote to you about a few weeks ago, giving you some journaling prompts so that you thoughtfully consider what seeds you are planting—now—for the future. I offered some key ingredients needed, like, “Water also required. How can you be in flow with your dream or desire? Feel it washing over you. Feed it with gentleness.” 
On these chiller-than-desired-rainy-April days, use the time to be patient with yourself--and with the shifting season. If you’ve not yet used the journaling prompts, no worries; you still have time to plant.
And, that yearning you may feel—“I wish I had time to write about what I’m calling into my experience...my newest dreams and desires...,” is your inner voice, nudging you to take the time. If the weather’s lousy where you live, too, then use the time indoors to explore how you’re feeling about your life, your relationships, your hopes, and your potential.
Still feel stuck? I get it. I’ve been stuck in old patterns before, too, and I’ve developed my own steps for clearing stuck energy through:

Gaining crystal clarity about what I want
Remembering my own worth--absolutely loving myself and my story  

Expressing deep gratitude for my journey and all those in it

Want to know more about how I gain clarity, remember my worth, and express gratitude? Email me with your questions at anella@beyourownyogi.com. I love hearing from my readers!

Move toward what you love, who you love and what you want to experience in this magical, beautiful life. 
Creation starts with a nudge from within. Do you feel it?