I value the role we all play in caring for our earth, and one way I feel we can contribute is recycling materials that have further use, once they’re transformed. In writing “recycles” on my love list, I wanted to attract a partner who shared this value; in simplest terms, I wanted someone committed to sorting plastic from paper.

Yet, there’s a metaphor here that feels even more true for me: when there’s something in my emotional possession that no longer serves me, let me recycle it. Let me literally send it away from me to be transformed into something useful and helpful to the world. I desired to share a life with someone who was willing to transform. Just as recycling products allows for regeneration and reuse, recycling emotions that no longer serve us begins a process of renewal.

In my layperson’s understanding of quantum physics, atoms are influenced by each other without being in physical contact with the other. There is an energy that is not seen, yet can be physically detected by the behavior of another atom. So, if I recycle what no longer serves me, I—in essence—recycle what no longer serves others.

Would "recycles" make your list of 100?