I wrote “likes money” to really mean, “likes money.” Unapologetically. I agree with the adage, “money doesn’t buy happiness,” but I don’t believe that “money is the root of all evil.” I wanted to attract someone who likes money enough to be committed to make money, because money affords CHOICE—choice in the breadth of what we experience in this life.  For me, knowing that I can create choices is empowering, and it’s that energy of empowerment that underlies #27.  And, in the exchange of money for some object or experience I desire, I give to someone whose idea and creation I chose. It’s a flow from me to you, from you to me.  In claiming “likes money,” I claimed a desire to live in an energy that says, “I choose to make my way in this world fully, pursuing challenges that hold rewards of all kinds, and I choose a life shared with someone who embodies this same spirit.”