I wrote my love list in April, 2008, the year I ran two marathons—Phoenix in January and San Francisco in October—so I was devoting a lot of time to running. I had both loved the solitude of running and longed for sharing this experience with a partner. I’d run so many races and witnessed couples participating together in events, and I felt a longing for that experience.

What’s funny is that my own love for running had started to fade when I met my husband in late 2009. I’d had an injury after the San Francisco marathon that put me in a walking boot for a couple of months, forcing me to be in the water for exercise. I had no fondness for swimming at the beginning but absolutely came to love the rhythm of my arms, lap after lap. Once recovered, I just never felt the same obsession about running. Though I continued running for most of the next year, I gave my yoga practice far more attention and, slowly, running faded away.

I’m glad #30 made my list, because it’s an opportunity for me to offer this advice: see you list as the snapshot of YOU. If you live your life from a place of growth, openness to change, & belief that there’s always more excitement right around the bend, you’ll attract exactly that. Think of your love list as broadcasting, “I want this FEELING and I am open to even more.”