A volunteer spirit, really. So much good in this world has been offered by those who give of themselves freely to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task. The rewards of volunteering nearly always outweigh the sacrifice, and it’s this spirit that I called in by writing this requirement on my love list. To me, this spirit speaks to a knowing of your own blessings and gifts and a belief that to give those away freely is of greater good than keeping them to yourself. I’ve given countless volunteer hours to schools, to youth sports, to shelters, to colleges, to charity, to churches—happily and sometimes tirelessly, until I was exhausted. In the periods of time in my life that I have not volunteered with regularity, I’ve felt a contraction of me and my gifts.

Giving of oneself brings gifts back, many times over.

I wrote in a previous post that something I love about me is my desire to be helpful to others, to do good deeds, to make others feel special. I encouraged: “Practice giving. See what comes back to you.”

For all the 100 desires I wrote on my love list, I also know this is true: I wrote them to call in a match to ME, because in calling in a match, I was saying aloud to the universe, “I want to be THIS, too. I want to show up as a match to THIS.”