It’s the appreciation of nice things that is the full intention of #36. Growing up, there were only a few occasions when my family took shelter from threatening weather, which is why the memory is clear. These few times, the severe weather kept us below ground for a few hours, and my parents allowed my brother and me to have a small box of our most precious items with us. We both chose very carefully and my few treasures stayed close tome during the storm. I appreciated the comfort that my small doll and other trinkets offered.

Appreciation is an energy that feels close to the energy of loving. Because I accessed appreciation on those dark & stormy nights, I felt lighter. Even though my circumstances in that moment were unusual and even scary, my lighter emotion of appreciation, then, allow me to actually recall those times we weathered a storm with fondness, now. It’s a happy childhood memory.

Yes, nice things are, well, nice to have, but to me, it’s not about possessions. It’s really just focusing on the good qualities of someone or something.