When too many “nice things” are crowding our energy—when we’ve accumulated stuff that no longer is needed—it’s smart to sort and discard. My writing “donates excess,” acknowledges both abundance and generosity as ways to experience life. In the process of ending my 22-year marriage and dividing up stuff, I arrived at a point of yearning to be past the score card of who-gets-what and, when the feeling of loss turned to the feeling of lightness, I knew I had emerged into a new energetic space and I liked it.

Marie Kondo writes in her bestselling book, “The Magical Art of Tidying Up,” that, “The place we live should be for the person we are becoming now—not for the person we have been in the past.” My desire was to attract a partner who sheds the past easily and joyously, and in doing so, creates space for simplicity and openness and novelty.