There’s an energy I desire in my life: in a moment of chaos or anxiety or interruption, I believe in taking a deep breath, assessing the options, and moving with ease into the storm. I knew Craig was a match to this energy the first time we traveled together. We joke in reference to this trip as our having paid for 2 vacations while only taking 1. It was the classic story you likely have heard: we missed the boat. 

Our scheduled cruise ship left without us on a winter’s day that we couldn’t get from here to there. Not knowing this until we were at our origination airport for check in, we took in what the
agent was apologizing for: “ will be tomorrow at earliest....” Despite the energy around us—a lot of travelers upset and arguing and expressing dissatisfaction, Craig and I both reacted in the same way, thanking the agent for his apology and asking this question: “what’s the soonest we can arrive in a warm climate?” The agent re-booked us for the next morning, giving us the day to plan a new vacation. No amount of complaining would change the situation. 

Were we happy to have missed the boat? No, we really wanted to take a mid-winter cruise. Was it easy to forfeit the money already paid (no, we didn’t buy trip insurance...) and invest resources in another vacation? No, so we weren’t extravagant in our plan-B. Was our time in the sun absolutely lovely? Yes, we eased into it the next day and laughed about our “2 for 1” vacation.