It’s here, again! How could I NOT have seen it before now? Before writing these posts one-by-one, I had never noticed that I repeated “shares.” I wrote my list—all 100—in nearly one sitting. I arrived at about #80 in about 40 minutes, just allowing whatever arrived in my consciousness be what I wrote down next. The last 20 items took a day or so, mainly because I felt that the remaining ones were even a little more precious. Forgetting that I had written “shares” just 25 items earlier shows that I was allowing whatever I heard in my head be what I wrote down.

When creating your love list:
1. write from your heart’s desire
2. write without self-judgment
3. write while feeling how you want to feel in that ideal relationship
4. write without editing
5. write with curiosity about what shows up

And, if there were to be a repeat, “shares” is a perfect duplicate.