Not fanatical, but a healthy enjoyment for sports, as a spectator and participant.Yes, has a love for great athletes and enjoys watching a match or quarter or playoff or tee shot. Yes, likes to play sports and is willing to try something new for fun.Sport has been a part of the human experience since recorded history and while it’s entertaining and enjoyable to watch, I value it for its display of human desire and will. To be a competitive athlete is to be dedicated, to push past fears, to work harder than you likely knew you could, to achieve personal and team triumphs, and to bounce back from difficultly and loss. While I’ve not been a competitive athlete, I have pushed myself physically to achieve beyond what I thought was possible, having ran two marathons before. There was a joy to me of setting the goal of running a marathon distance—so much longer than I’d ever run before—and systematically training so that the distance was achievable.How can you challenge yourself physically, finding new parts of you that you didn't know existed?