Really, there’s nothing like the aliveness of a city. Any time, day or night, life is happening. I love the vibrancy, the diversity, the noise, the choices that cities offer. No city ever started with the vision of what it was to become; it could not be known. No amount of planning or subdividing could have anticipated the Los Angeles or New York or Paris or Rome of today. Cities, at some point, grow with controlled spontaneity and what they become is grander, more spectacular and more surprising than imagined.I wrote “likes cities” on my list, because I wanted to attract a partner who got excited about being in a city. My husband, Craig, and I love simply walking along busy sidewalks together, dipping into cafes or shops that look intriguing, resting at a park, and feeling like a local resident. When my daughter was interning in Manhattan during law school, we cut her a deal: sublet a 2 bedroom apartment and we’d pay for the added cost—in exchange for a key. We spent a summer of weekends doing nothing a tourist would do in New York, walking miles through the borough that never sleeps.Do you have a favorite city?