I love that there are things on my love list that represent dreams and desires I still hold for MYSELF, like this one. While my husband and I have taken many walks in the woods and in other natural surroundings, we’ve not taken a hike, with a pack for a distance overnight in the mountains—and it’s still a dream of mine.My love list served as a creative, manifestation tool to call in my soul mate, and it is also a written vision of who I want to be and what I want to experience in this life. For me to attract a match to my list, I, too, am inspired to show up, everyday, in the fullness of me, to be the other half of the partnership.Several items on my list relate to travel and exploration and adventure, and hiking is another in that theme. I’ve always loved the mountains and have always felt the spirit of explorers and pioneers any time I’ve walked trails to waterfalls or stood at the Continental Divide. The vastness and beauty of this Earth fills me with wonder and joy, and I can’t wait to plan a hiking adventure.