I don’t necessarily mean extreme adventure, like cliff jumping or shark diving—though a part of me desires to experience the world’s wonders. I wanted to attract a match to this daring, crazy, and excited part of me that usually answers, “yes,” first, even if I retract the answer after careful consideration. Living a life of safety is an option, but I like to imagine the experience that feels impossible or scary or unattainable and challenge my limitations.I’ve run marathons, completed a Tough Mudder (with my husband, Craig), taken a helicopter ride over Kauai, an island sculpted by nature for six million years, and most of its awe-inspiring sights are inaccessible from the ground. Adventures like volcano trekking, cave diving, and hiking the Appalachian Trail all excite me.In writing my love list, I dreamed. I fantasized. I thought beyond the limits of my current life and used the list to create a future that I wanted to experience. Write your list from this energy by asking yourself, “what both scares and thrills my spirit?” and you’ll have the makings of a list of grand possibilities.