Adores me. Treasures me. Cherishes me. Kisses my forehead.There are items on my list that called up energy for me that I had to work through. I am a strong, independent woman. I have created so much goodness in my life by taking on challenges and leading with gusto. In those post-divorce years, I arrived at a point in my life where I chose to be alone, rather than be in a relationship that didn’t serve my highest and greatest good. So, when I was writing my love list and I felt a desire that called me to receive from another, I resisted. I had associated receiving with weakness at times in my life. I had to shift that energy in order to open myself to being cared for in the way I knew my heart desired.Make your list full of outrageous desires! Don’t hold back. This is YOUR love list of YOUR desires. Who cares if your friends don’t share your desires. If your heart tells you that you want a particular experience, write it on your love list. If a characteristic feels a little hard or embarrassing to write down, write it down quickly! Don’t let your ego and your judgment waylay what you truly want.You have to name it to claim it.