I love traditions that create joyous memories, so I wrote this item on my love list to ask for a partner who also values traditions and would both keep old traditions and create new ones. In this life, I truly believe that celebrating ANYTHING with friends and family is the very best kind of memory to create.I created a particular tradition that I adore. From the time my kids were little—kindergarten and younger—we’ve taken a family beach vacation. It’s the kind of beach vacation where we rarely wear “real” clothes—only swimsuits—and we play in the sun, surf, and sand. We laugh. We play board games. We cook meals together. We use the same sand castle forms that we’ve had since 1992. We compete in Bocce. After dark, we walk along the beach use flashlights to spy hermit crabs. The kids bring friends. It’s the most blissful experience that I created, and I always want to experience this beautiful time, by the sea, with those I love the most.When Craig and I met, we decided to marry at the beach, during our annual family vacation. Craig loved the beach tradition, so on a Monday morning at 9 AM, my children, their friends, Craig and I walked out to the edge of the surf and said our vows to one another. I hold that memory so very special, a perfect blending of an old, family tradition with the union of our new family member, my husband.Hold tightly to those traditions that serve your highest and greatest good, that you love sharing with others, and that supply you with endless love and lasting memories.