So many characteristics connect to someone who keeps commitments: thoughtful, mindful, has integrity, plain ol’ organized. When you say, “I will do X,” and then don’t, your subconscious mind will register the gap and you will feel sense of chaos, busyness, or self-doubt. In order to design your reality to be consistent with your thoughts and words, you must act upon those thoughts and words.Oh, yes, I—like you—have absolutely missed commitments. Always unintentionally, you say? Well, no doubt, and yet, that gap still exists between what you committed and what you completed.Yoda from Star Wars, understood this when he commanded Luke Skywalker, "Do or do not. There is no try."How can you create accountability to yourself to keep commitments? Your challenge is to consciously intend to the commitment. Develop your own tools that work—a reminder list? a calendar entry? a work-flow schedule?And, be sure that what you choose to say, “Yes, I will...” to is what you truly WILL do—it’s aligned with your priorities, your values, your goals. Your time is your most valuable commodity. So, when you say, “yes,” make a plan to slay the beast that begins to grow from the moment you feel the pang of the gap between what you said and what action you’ve taken.