When I wrote this item on my list, I desired to attract a partner who saw weekends as summer vacation. Remember, summers off from school as kids? We got up early and played all day, exhausting ourselves in the sunshine. We didn’t have a plan. Our only goal was fun. We were active and creative and filled with the enthusiastic pursuit of happiness.I also love how now, where I am in my life, this desire isn’t reserved for weekends. I see the world differently now, in my post-corporate career—in this life I’ve created that beckons each day to surprise me and fill me with delight.What would it take for you to live each day with unbridled passion for what you do? How would it change the way you feel about your life? How would it impact your own love list?What could you do, today, to step toward feeling like you did as a kid on summer vacation? How could you begin to live fully, with gusto and joy?