Finds a way to be happy. There no more powerful, internal work we can do for our own life and for the world. Period.In creating my love list, I didn’t prioritize any of the 100 items; the order of the items flowed from my heart’s desires as I answered the question, “what’s my ideal?”And yet, in the writing I’ve done for 82 days now, taking each item on my love list and expanding from the few words to a more full explanation of each description, I know that this two-word phrase—FINDS HAPPINESS— is all that really matters: confront what’s unhappy in your reality and shift to an existence that feels better.Happiness has been well-researched, written and spoken about by experts all over the world—experts in fields such as neuroscience, psychology, theology, spirituality, business, and self-help. To distill all the research to one element would be absurd, yet I’ll risk it and offer this: the most significant shift you can make right now is to believe that only right now matters.Our power to choose happiness is in the present moment. Our human, creative ability exists is right now. We are not limited by our past and to stay stuck in what has passed leaves this moment diminished in its own potential to create a better feeling.