“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” --Oprah WinfreyWhen my children were growing up and we’d have family dinner at the end of a school day, I’d ask, “what’s one thing about your day that you loved.” Some days, it took a little while for one of them to respond, yet there was eventually something shared that was to be celebrated.It’s the spirit of celebrating this very life this very day that, in writing this characteristic on my love list, I desired in the partner I was to attract. And, it’s not rose-colored glasses to find something, even just one something, to celebrate absolutely every day we are alive on this planet. In my deepest, darkest days, I still was able to see beauty,  and it was in looking for it that, day by day, I found more & more & more to celebrate.In celebrating, we tap into feeling gratitude, and gratitude is the most powerful emotion to express in our darkness, as it lets in just a little light.Today, search for just a little light, let it glow and maybe expand, and celebrate.