I’ve come to better understand the role that other women have in my life—that sisterhood is a foundational need for me and, I believe, for all women. Writer Bell Hooks exerted that, “Women are divided by sexist attitudes, racism, class privilege, and a host of other prejudices. Sustained woman bonding can occur only when these divisions are confronted and the necessary steps are taken to eliminate them.” Cultivating deep bonds with other women—for me, who has no biological sisters—has been a buoy that has sustained me far more than once.Men, likewise, have a history of competition, self-reliance, and independence and have lived much of history announcing clear winners and losers. For this and other sociological reasons, I believe that men need brotherhood: good, male friends that support their own human growth & development.From my primary, intimate relationship, I am held safely, lovingly, and wholly. And, in an equally powerful but different way, my sisters hold me safely, lovingly, and wholly. I need these influences—along with loving myself wholly—to create this beautiful life. I want my husband to be as supported by brotherhood in the same way—safely, lovingly, and wholly.