Hear Me Universe #86. Takes Trips With FriendsThose “good, male friends,” I wrote about yesterday? Yeah, those friends as travel companions offer the perfect way to deepen these important relationships. Traveling calls us to be vulnerable--we're in an unfamiliar environment, and we help each other out. Deepening the relationships with friends who support and love us, who accept our vulnerabilities and encourage our growth, is vitally important to creating deep friendships. I think of these friendships as a personal team.  What if your personal team was named for you—like “Team Anella”—and you knew you could count on them no matter what? What would you do to nurture and grow the strength of that team? Whose personal team would want YOU as a member, because of your commitment to creating a life you truly loveI wrote this desire on my love list, because I believe that we need each other. We can best thrive when our intimate relationship is precious, loving, and strong; when our friendships support us along this journey, helping us live closer and closer to our highest potential; and when we deeply love ourselves.Those 3 loves—the love of self; our intimate, loving relationship; and the unconditional love of a sisterhood or brotherhood—are the pillars supporting you to bring the very best YOU to this world. And, when the story in your head about this life isn’t serving you, you have 3 pillars prepared to hold you up, every time, if you’ve cultivated all of them in your life.Take some time to evaluate your team. Have you cultivated this kind of support? Do you need new members? Look at those around you and be sure they are lifting you up, every day, helping in big ways and small, with an open heart. Be the kind of team member that would be a match for your contribution to the team. What can you do to call them in? Look for them in communities that are today's thought leaders about how our thoughts create our experience. Examine your own limiting beliefs about how deeply caring a community could be, so that you're open to being cared for deeply.What are your personal practices of self-care? It all starts within. Meditate daily. Move your body. Daily. Practice affirmations that serve you in changing your perspective of what's in your past experience. Live with a lightness of being. Create your personal team, one pillar at a time.