Central Park is one of the greatest places on Earth.Not only because it’s in New York City, one of the most beautifully diverse and powerful cities on this planet.Not only because before the turn of this century visionaries set aside over 800 acres and dedicated it to public use.Not only because Olmsted and Vaux, who won a design competition for the park, but also because other socially conscious citizens understood how a grand public park would improve society.Not only because the park had periods of decline, erosion, barrenness, crumbing structures, but also because humans rallied and took responsibility and brought it back from two decades of devastating decline.Not only because Elizabeth "Betsy" Barlow, a visionary, Yale-educated urban planner and writer, became the park administrator and created a revolutionary public/private partnership duties.Not only because the Park is  156 years old and is thriving in the longest period of sustained health and beauty.And, mainly, because a walk in Central Park makes my heart sing, to feel the touch of millions of people who have walked the land for recreation, health, leisure, celebration, art, mourning, community and solitude.Have you been to Central Park?What do you like about it?