When did I know that my husband, Craig, and I were compatible travelers? Remember when we paid for 2 vacations and took 1? I wrote this story in Blog #46, about how my husband calmly solves problems. That story also is one way that we are compatible travelers.Traveling can offer up unexpected obstacles, so being flexible, open, and unattached to some details is the kind of compatibility I desired when I wrote this item on my love list. Traveling is such as adventure and approaching it in that spirit makes any kind of trip exciting. We’ve traveled a couple of hours to a rustic cabin at a state park with our sweet dog, Goldie, and it was as fun as any trip we’ve ever taken. The distance nor destination are the essentials, really. Certainly, waking up in Paris is fabulous and magical, but without that sense of adventure, any exotic locale would fall short in the mind of someone who isn’t flexible and doesn’t possess wide-eyed enthusiasm.Travel is good for my soul, and I am grateful that my partner is also my life’s travel companion.Are you drawn to explore the world through travel? Do you desire a partner who is a harmonious travel companion?