“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” –Mary OliverI’ve begun to confront my own beliefs around hard work in the last few years and, truth is, I am still seeking balance in my own life. When I wrote my love list, I was much more clear on what I meant by hard work: do more than others; push yourself every single day beyond what you think is possible; invest extreme amounts of time in work; begin early and continue late.These beliefs served me well in the way success is normally defined. My corporate career proved lucrative and was both emotionally rewarding and draining. Yet, when I resigned from that career earlier this year, I was exhausted. I had notable adrenal fatigue. Ironically, I had to work at slowing down. I had to make a deliberate effort to choose leisure. My body didn’t know how and my mind rebelled. And, I’m still practicing what inspiration action looks like.This I do know: my “wild and precious life” is still calling me forward to a greater and greater purpose. And, your “wild and precious life” is calling you forward.Will you listen?