To find something, we must look for it. I desired to attract a partner who was on the look out for how he could offer a little help to others. It’s kindness, generosity, compassion, and action all rolled into one.Craig and I had been dating for a few weeks before the Christmas holiday season began, which offered a lot of opportunity for us to get to know each other, and that holiday, he jumped right in an helped me wrap gifts and throw an elaborate dinner party, so his kind spirit was already evident.Then, a few months later, when a flight was delayed for a whole day and we were leaving the airport, Craig offered to drive a young man, whose flight was also not departing that day, to his another city...60 miles round that the young man could still make it to an important job interview on time.I adored his kindness toward this young man.It’s kindnesses little and big that make this world better for everyone. What if, for one day, everyone agreed to be helpful? To let a car in front. To pay forward a cup of coffee. To yield the passing lane to another. To help carry a heavy load.What if?